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Dr. Rakesh Sinha has quite interestingly highlighted some of the essential virtues of success by sharing critical learning drawn from his rich professional experience. I would agree that consistent efforts, a balanced mind, bold steps, openness to change and a clear conscience are intrinsic to success.

Dr. Sinha's disciplinary approach, positive disposition and quest for excellence are noteworthy qualities. I wish him many more wonderful opportunities and a great life ahead filled with happiness & success.

- Mr. Deepak S Parekh



Dear Dr. Sinha,

It was a treat to watch Success Profiles by Jack Canfield featuring you.

"Live Life King Size" does not mean earning or spending big money which multiple people may do. To Live Life King Size one needs to uplift his/her thought process which you have said through your inspiring video in your own style. There is no alternate to Persistence, Dedication & Determination to be an achiever which you are successfully doing by inculcating your inspirational and skillful thoughts into learners.

Keep inspiring your world will get bigger.

Thanks & Regards,

- Pankaj Chaturvedi